Phoebe Jon focuses on seasonless fabrics in timeless silhouettes. We work closely with our makers to offer consistent fit flattering to most figures. Tailored essentials for women that pave their own path.

Phoebe Jon Founder

The Women

Inspired by her mother's professional wardrobe and a menswear approach to dressing, Wang designed a collection of thoughtful styles that are meant to be the building blocks of modern women’s wardrobe, professional–yet feminine. Wang is committed to offering seasonless fabrics in timeless silhouettes. 

Since launching in 2022, Phoebe Jon has steadily grown by word of mouth, as women find out about her great-fitting trousers. Wang earned her MBA and Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy degrees at Boston College. As a designer, her determination is fierce. There are no what-ifs or maybes in her mind. 

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The Make

Partering with the best factories in New York, quality and craftsmanship is at the heart of our brand. We work closely with our makers to ensure consistent fit flattering to most figures; we focus on seasonless, low maintenance fabrics that ease you through the ups and downs of everyday life. 

As a growing brand, we practice small-batch production with the support of local factories. We value our community, and we seek to celebrate and support the work of local factories, photographers, and artists who share an appreciation for thoughtful, timeless design. 

New York City

The Tailoring

Effortlessly sophisticated, our clothes are designed to empower and also recede behind the wearer. We serve women that pave their own paths, women that decide the life they really want and say no to everything that's not that. The tailoring is at the core of our aesthetics from a pair of beautifully cut wide-leg pants to a crisp poplin button-up. Dress up or down with a change of shoes, bag, and jewelry, the perfect piece is guaranteed to have a hallowed place in your closet for years to come.

Each piece is created to stand alone and integrate within a wardrobe of other Phoebe Jon pieces. Effortless, understated, quality clothes that become the foundation of a woman’s wardrobe. 


Investment Pieces for Wardrobing