Work Pants, Made Simple

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Confidence In Fit

As the founder of the brand, I was inspired by my mother, a 5’4’’ business woman working among 6’' tall men, who struggled to find flattering work pants. I wondered: why can’t workwear be simple and well-fitted? 

I started Phoebe Jon to empower women with better fitting work pants. A pair of well fitted pants accentuates your curve without compromising comfort. We offer timeless work pants fitted just for you, so you can look your best and perform your best. 

Inspired By You

Each design is inspired by working women like you and created with intentional details. As we expand our size and shape offerings, Phoebe Jon is listening closely to customer feedback. 

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Less Is More

Unlike a traditional fashion brand, we do not launch new products every season, but rather we offer affordable customization. Our pants are timeless, functional and versatile, perfect for wardrobing. 

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Better fit

Customize your fit with our waist, length, and shape options, designed with a wide rage of body types in mind.

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Breathable, wrinkle resistant, machine washable and dryer safe, our fabrics perform all day so you can stay focused.

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Wardrobe Staples

Can't go wrong with our pants! We offer elevated staples: easy-to-wear pants that never go out of style.

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Meet Our Founder

Manyaqi Wang, Founder and CEO of Phoebe Jon

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