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Phoebe Jon pants are designed with a focus on seasonless fabrics and intentional designs; timeless, understated, classic pieces that become the foundation of a woman’s wardrobe. Styles that take you from day to night, flats to heels.


Our pants are timeless, functional and versatile, perfect for wardrobing. Each design is inspired by working women like you and created with intentional details like pockets, elastic waist, and lining. Phoebe Jon is listening closely to our customers as we expand our size and fit offerings. 

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With a commitment to craftsmanship and quality, we work closely with seasoned pattern makers and sewers to create pants with exceptional fit and construction. We launch a couple new pieces at a time, following closely what our customers demand. Our fabrics are selected with care to offer comfort, ease and durability. 

Our Founder

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Manyaqi Wang, CEO and Founder of Phoebe Jon

Manyaqi is an MBA candidate at Boston College, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. In 2020, she founded Phoebe Jon to simplify how women dress for work––from day to night, flats to heels. In 2020, Manyaqi was named one of Top 25 Student Entrepreneurs in the U.S. by Entrepreneurs’ Organization, and she continues to empower women with her confidence in fit philosophy. 

Meet Our Founder

Manyaqi Wang, Founder and CEO of Phoebe Jon

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